Multiple Exposure Wedding Photography

I just cannot get enough of making these beautifully atmospheric multiple exposure artworks! If you haven’t heard of the process before, it involves combining multiple photographs to create one new unique layered image.

I’m very excited to be able to offer this stunning process to couples as part of my wedding packages. Artworks can also be created as part of a lifestyle shoot with families or children.

Why I love multiple exposures…

Firstly, this method means I can capture not only the person or couple but also a more dreamy sense of emotion, occasion and environment. Secondly, I’m totally addicted to the creative process of making these artworks and love experimenting with different techniques and layering processes. There are limitless possibilities which allows me to create totally original and personal images for each couple.

If you’re interested in creating your own unique artwork then drop me a message in the contact section for more details or to discuss ideas… I’m always open to trying new things and the whackier the better!!

As well as using this technique as part of my business I also regularly use multiple exposures when working on my own personal projects and have included a few below, along with lots of my fantastic couples! Enjoy!